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Q. How to add product/item on JMP from Seller Dashboard?

A : First login to Seller Dashboard using you login credentials by clicking on Become a Seller link at top left of site. Then Follow this link: how to add the product/item.

Q. How to add product/item on JMP from JujuMarketPlace Android App?

A : First login/register as seller from the app. Then Follow this link: how to add the product/item via app.

Q: What is the benefit of signing up as a beta seller?

A: Here are the benefits of joining our young start-up as a beta seller.
  • • Your Store/Product will be seen potentially by millions of people.
  • • Free Advertisements of your products for two months.
  • • Your valuable feedback will be used to improve the site
  • • Your product will be exclusively seen by users in the metaphysical community
  • • Take advantage of initial advertising to expose your product to a variety of users
  • • No listing fees ever.
  • • Your Products/Store will receive three (3) months free promotions through our product promote feature.
Q: Do you have any listing or Seller fees?
A: Seller Fees:
When you make a sale through, you will be charged a transaction fee of 5% (five) percent of the price you display for each Item. The transaction fee does not apply to the shipping cost, country or state tax. For customers outside the united states or Canada you may be charge a sales tax depending on your Country. However, since you are a beta seller your products/store will receive three (3) months free promotions through our product promote feature, there are absolutely no listing fees you only pay a fee when your product sells and it is deducted before it is sent to you.




Q: What are yourshippingfees?

A:Shipping Fees offers sellers the ability to print out the shipping labels, at this time this is only available to sellers based in the United States and Canada. We are working on getting DHL API this will offer International sellers the ability to print out the shipping labels and ship items directly to the buyers. The cost of the shipping label will depend on the origin and destination and weight and size of the package, hence it is must be included when you list the item. If you use our labels, we will deduct the shipping fees. These policies may change as we grow again stay tuned for more updates.
Q: What is my relationship with Jujumarketplace?
A:Creating an account with the Site or using our Services makes you an independent contractor with Juju Market Place. You are not an agent, partner, joint venture, employee or franchisee with


Juju Market Place is comprised of independent Sellers. Therefore, refunds, returns, and exchanges vary from Seller to Seller.

Juju Market Place plays an active role in monitoring shipment of goods to Buyers. Because offers tangible goods, we expect shipment to be within SEVEN (7) days. Sellers are not advised to issue refunds once the order is accomplished and the product is sent.

Sellers must ensure that any transaction dispute is first resolved with the Buyer. The money is only credited to Seller’s account after Juju Market Place confirms shipment of goods.

Should the product/service not be available, please allow seven (7) working days. Every effort is made to service your order on time. However, unforeseen circumstances may cause delays. Should we be faced with such an occurrence we will contact you via email/SMS/Mobile App and provide a revised order servicingschedule.




Q: Whom are verified Sellers?

A: Some sellers are verified, personal identifying information are asked and once verified your money will be paid directly to you before you ship your item. This service is not available to some international sellers.
Q:How to ask question to the sellers about product?
A:Follow this link on : how to ask seller?